Author: CASL

2020 End of Season and Playoffs

CASL Booters – Due to the number of players who decided not to continue to play because of the positive covid-19 test result last week, we are faced with the potential of several forfeits in the remaining regular season matches. Since the 4 teams who are qualifying for the playoffs are set and to be extra cautious with the health and safety of everyone involved, we have decided to cancel all remaining regular season matches. We are very disappointed that the season is ending this way and we apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.

The 2020 CASL playoffs will be held as follows:
Tuesday August 4th at Radnor Memorial 

8:00 PM – Team #6 Caruolo’s Red vs Team #3 Cirino/Dudek Blue

9:30 PM – Team #4 Gangl White vs Team #2 Hart Green

Thursday August 6th at Radnor Memorial  8:00 PM – Winners play in the Championship.

With the potential for overtime and penalty kicks to decide these matches, we will play 35 minute halves.

Please come out next week to watch what will be sure to be very exciting CASL soccer matches. We greatly appreciate everyone’s participation, patience and understanding this season.