The Carroll Alumni Soccer League (CASL) began in the summer of 1972. Coach Tom Gilmore, who started the boys’ soccer program at Archbishop Carroll High School in 1968, suggested the idea of forming a summer league to his players on those early Carroll teams. They organized the league and for the next few years it consisted of Carroll soccer players and alumni.

Through the early years, just about everyone who played soccer at Carroll played in the summer league. After some of the guys in the first several graduating classes went on to play in college, they brought in additional players from some of the area schools like Cabrini and Villanova. Gradually more players from local high schools and colleges joined the league.

By the late seventies and early eighties, the league was becoming more and more popular and was drawing players from around the Philadelphia area. Lindon Hickerson of the Suburban and Wayne Times began covering the league in his weekly publication. The articles featured write-ups about the matches and the players and included photos and league standings.

Through the mid-eighties the league was still predominantly filled with Carroll players. As the years went on the number of non-Carroll players increased. The league continued to grow in quality and depth through the nineties, and by the mid 2000’s expanded to eight teams. Over the years, thousands of soccer enthusiasts from just about every area high school and college program have enjoyed the CASL summer league.

The league’s history is an ongoing project and these pages will be updated as we speak to former organizers, captains and players and collect additional documentation. From the table below you can go to any year and check out the currently available information.

CASL Championship History

1972Green’s Team - Chris Green
1973Quicksilver Blue - Al Thompson
1974Tom Gilmore
1976Tom GilmoreBill Schmidt
1977Move - Pieter Nova
1978Pieter Nova
1979Pieter Nova, Bill Kelly
1980Ringling Brothers - Pieter NovaMaster Booters -
1981Pieter Nova
1982Bobby Hanson
1983Bill Kelly
1987Red - Dave Burdick
1990Maroon - Michael Wilk
1991Orange - Michael Wilk
1992Red - Michael WilkBlue - Jeff Morris
1993Oxford - Michael WilkGold - Jeff Morris
1994Royal - Steve Frey
1995Red - Michael WilkLt Blue - Jeff Morris
1996Jade - Dave Burdick
1997Kelly - Mike McClellandMaroon -
1998Grey - Jeff Morris
1999Orange – Jeff Cooper
2000Lt Blue - Jim Van Dusen, Jeff Morris
2001Grey - Bill DiRitaPurple - Joe Goldschmidt
2002Orange - Matt Wilk
2003Purple - Mike McClelland
2004White - Jeff MorrisGold - Joe Goldschmidt
2005Blue - Joe Caruolo
2006Orange - Joe Caruolo
2007Green - Joe Caruolo
2008Purple-Joe Goldschmidt
2009Purple-Joe CaruoloOrange - Mike McClelland
2010Yellow - Joe & John CaruoloBlue - Joe Goldschmidt
2011Dk Green - Joe & John CaruoloLt Green - John George, Mike Coppolla
2012Orange - Mike McClellandGold - Joe Goldschmidt
2013Blue - Joe & John CaruoloMaroon - Joe Goldschmidt
2014Lt Blue - Joe & John CaruoloPurple - Pat Walsh
2015Yellow - Mike McClelland, Galen GuindonOrange - Pat Walsh
2016Pink - Joe & John CaruoloLt Blue - Joe Goldschmidt
2017Orange - Gareth, Andrew & Lewis CooperLt Blue - Joe Goldschmidt
2018Orange - Gareth, Andrew & Lewis CooperLt Blue - Pat Walsh
2019White - Galen GuindonGreen - Joe & John Caruolo
2020Green - Jesse HartBlue - Andrew Cirino, Clay Dudek