As a men’s summer league established for the development of young players and the enjoyment of a diverse group of soccer enthusiasts, the following rules are designed to ensure fair play and the safety and enjoyment of all participants.  

Community Service: CASL operates 100% at cost and is managed by unpaid volunteers. Excess proceeds will be held in reserve for future cost increases and whenever possible donated to benefit local non-profit soccer partners such as the Archbishop Carroll High School boys soccer program, the CTC Ten Foundation, the Starfinder Foundation and other groups. 

Participation: The league is appropriate for players with high school varsity, college or extensive club experience. The league reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant’s registration. Players must be at least 17 years of age and no older than 50 years as of the first match of the regular season.

Attendance: All potential registrants must be aware that they should not attempt to register if their schedule will not permit them to attend at least 75% of league matches. The league reserves the right to replace any registered roster player for poor attendance during the season. 

Registration: All player registrations must be completed on the registration website. The web address, registration fee and registration period will be published annually via e-mail. All potential registrants must complete the registration process completely and honestly. The league reserves the right to replace any registered roster player if it is determined they were not honest and forthcoming about their age, soccer experience, ability, skill level, etc….. 

Replacement Players: Replacements to a team’s original roster will only be permitted if a roster player is injured and cannot return to play for the rest of the season or if a player does not show up for at least five consecutive matches and does not respond to communications from the captain. All requests for replacements must be made formally to the commissioner. If granted, replacements must be of a similar or lesser skill level and experience of the player being replaced and may only come from the official replacement list maintained by the commissioner. Once replaced, a player may not return to play during the same season. No replacements will be granted after the 10 th game of the regular season. Registration fees for replacements will be pro-rated. 

REFUNDS: Once a player’s registration has been accepted and they have been placed on the draft list or on a team’s roster as a replacement, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. 

LEAGUE FORMAT: The league will consist of six (or eight if possible) teams of between 17 and 20 players selected through a draft. The draft will normally be held the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend and the regular season will begin the following Tuesday. The regular season will consist of 14 – 16 matches. The top four teams will qualify for the playoffs. All FIFA rules apply, unless otherwise noted as follows:

  1. One referee system.
  2. No offsides, except an attacking player may not receive a pass inside the defending team’s 18 yard area from a teammate on the other side of midfield. Cherry picking is not acceptable. All players are encouraged to play by “gentlemen’s” rules and respect the spirit of the game. Leaving slightly early on a run before a pass is made is acceptable, but the referee will issue warnings for blatant cherry picking.
  3. No players may be inside the six yard area until the ball is struck on all free kicks (excluding corner kicks).
  4. A player receiving a yellow card must immediately go to the bench and may be replaced by another player before play resumes. The player who received the yellow card may not return from the bench until the next stoppage of play.
  5. Goalies: Six second ball holding maximum applies.
  6. No cursing, abusive behavior or over aggressive, dirty play will be tolerated. Referees will issue one verbal warning, then a yellow card, then a red card for violations of these rules of conduct.
  7. A player who receives a red card or two yellow cards in one match receives a minimum of a one (next) game automatic suspension. Suspended players may not be present at their team’s match. Any player ejected from a match must leave the field area and the premises, including the parking lot, and may not return even at the conclusion of the match. If the player does not comply with the referee’s instructions to leave the premises, the match will be called and the team will forfeit the match.
    • 7a. Additional penalties for foul play, abusive or violent conduct and fighting:
      • Rules offenses that result in a red card may also result in additional penalties, including multiple game suspensions, suspension for the remainder of the current regular season and playoffs or permanent banishment from the league. The referee will determine if any additional penalties are warranted based on the circumstances and severity of the incident(s). The referee may consult with the captains of the teams playing at the time of the incident(s), other captains in attendance and the commissioner before recommending any additional penalties. If an incident takes place outside of the referee’s observance and/or without the referee’s knowledge, captains and/or other players may bring the incident to the attention of the referee or other league officials. The league will be fair and equitable in determining any additional penalties, but the health and safety of all players will always be the highest priority. Serious foul play and misconduct may include, but are not limited to:
        • Repeated instances or a pattern of careless, reckless or dangerous play
        • Use of excessive force and/or endangering the safety of an opponent, official or spectator
        • Striking or attempting to strike an opponent, official or spectator
        • Jumping at, kicking or attempting to kick, tripping or attempting to trip, pushing, or head-butting an opponent, official or spectator
        • Fighting
        • Biting or spitting at an opponent, official or spectator
        • Cursing, offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures or threatening language or physical behavior
  8. Substitutes on the bench and all spectator’s behavior are subject to the same rules of conduct and sportsmanship as noted above.
  9. Ignorance of CASL rules is not a defense against violations of them.
  10. Matches will consist of 35 minute halves with approximately 5 minute break for halftime.
  11. Substitutions are unlimited and allowed on all throw-ins and re-starts. The captain must verbally inform the referee before all substitutions when the whistle is blown. The referee may deny the request if in his judgement the call for substitution(s) will impede an advantage for the other team (e.g., throw-in or re-start deep in the opponents defensive third). NO SUBBING ON THE FLY.
  12. Matches are played eleven men a side unless one or both teams has less than 14 players at the start of the match. If both teams have less than 14 players, they may mutually agree to play 11 a side, otherwise play 10 men a side. If only one team has less than 14 players, that captain may agree to play 11 a side only if he chooses, otherwise play 10 men a side. If additional players arrive after the start of the match, they are eligible to play, but the same rules apply as noted above, unless the team(s) reach 14 players, then play 11 a side.
  13. Minimum of 7 players per team for an official match. If a team has less than 9 players at the scheduled time of the start of the match, they may have a 10 minute grace period for more players to show and reach 8 or 9. After 10 minutes the match will be played if the team has 8 or 9 players. If one team still has only 7 players, the short-handed captain may decide if it will be an official match or a forfeit. In a forfeit, the match will be played (and guest players from other CASL teams may play). The winning team will receive one “goal for” and the losing team will receive one “goal against” in the standings. Ten minute grace period cannot result in the next match losing playing time. The ref may have to adjust the length of the halves and/or half time, if necessary.
  14. Ineligible players: Any team that uses a non-registered non-roster player, or a player ineligible due to a rules violation, will forfeit the match concerned. The opposing team will receive 3 points and 1 goal for in the standings (1 goal against for the forfeiting team).
  15. A match will be officially counted in the standings if at least 35 minutes of total playing time is completed. This may consist of one complete half, or various increments of playing time throughout the course of the entire scheduled time for the match, conditions permitting. The referee will make all decisions regarding the conditions and safety of the players and will only allow play to start or resume if conditions permit. Any lightning in the vicinity of the field will be considered unsafe for play. In extremely hard rain and/or windy conditions, the referee will use his judgement, but should be very cautious.
  16. Rainouts: Rain out dates are included on the schedule to the extent possible, but there is no guarantee that all postponed games will be re-scheduled.
  17. Three points for a win, one point for a tie (no overtime during regular season), zero points for a loss. Tiebreakers in the standings are as follows: Wins, Head to Head, Goal Differential, Goals For, Goals Against, Penalty kicks (immediately following the conclusion of the final regular season match).
  18. Golden Boot – Awarded to the player with the most goals during the regular season.
  19. Goal Keeper Award – Goalie with the lowest goals against average during regular season.

CAPTAINS RESPONSIBILITIES: All captains will be selected by the commissioner. The privilege of being a captain must be maintained through positive promotion of the league, positive contributions to the operation and success of the league and by helping to ensure the enjoyment of all participants. Captains, at a minimum, are expected to:

  • Educate new and returning players about league rules and proactively assist the referees in the enforcement of all league rules among the players on their roster.
  • Place the success and good of the league as a whole above their competitiveness and desire to win.
  • Ensure that ALL players get a fair and reasonable amount of playing time.
  • Manage their team for the enjoyment of all players to ensure maximum player retention from year to year.
  • Update the website with game scores and goal scorers after each match.
  • Keep track of the game balls during each match and ensure all game balls are retrieved at the end of each match.
  • Pick up water bottles, trash, etc.. at the end of each match and ensure the fields, equipment and facilities rented by the league are treated properly and left in good condition.
  • Attend at least 90% of all regular season matches and the post season.
  • Communicate with their players on a consistent, regular basis to ensure enough participation to avoid playing short sided and forfeits.
  • Attend and help with all special events such as Vinnie’s Italian Night and the Championship & Family Picnic.
  • Contribute time and effort to the recruitment of new players each year.
  • Assist with the organization and tasks required to run the league before and during the season.